the gnome greets you with a firm handshake and says "'ello mate, me name is Gnorbert. I must ask you these questions three, 'ere the other side ye see. no wait, that's another adventure. come with me, lad!"

he takes your hand and pulls you further down the path before whispering "whew, about time someone came along and chose the correct answer. this forest is no place for a frail wizard, wily as 'e may be, an' now 'e can go back to his tower and convalesce proper." gnorbert continues down the path, pulling you along and whistling an out of tune song. after what feels like miles of walking, he stops and says "well 'ere we are my lad, through that mess o' bushes ahead lies a land of adventure and mystery, a place where a young warrior such as yerself can find fame and fortune!"

you can go forward though the bushes, or back down the path towards the wizard.