you are indeed thirsty from the long walk, and you gladly pick up the glittering chalice and sniff its contents. the odor is intoxicating, an impossible mix of wild berries, bittersweet root beer, and heady mulled wine, with a heavy musk over it all. you take a sip and an explosion of flavor unlike anything you've ever experienced dances on your tongue. you greedily gulp down the contents as the gnome sits back with his arms folded, his smirk growing even larger.

soon after you set the chalice back on the table, you begin to feel lightheaded. you look down at the ground and it is spinning, and your own body appears to be growing translucent. you feel a tugging at your shoulder blades, followed by what would be considered pain if your senses weren't completely dulled. you look behind you and see two sets of iridescent wings sprouting from your back, and your hands are growing long and thin. you look at the gnome in horror as your body shrinks and you realize you are now shorter than him.

the gnome cackles madly and says "well now, how 'bout that? me very own fairy to do me bidding and fetch me food and drink. you didn't really think there was such a thing as a friendly gnome did you? as you well know, fairies are subservient to the first creature they see when they are made, and you'll make a fine slave indeed! now refill me drink you dainty whelp!"

with the last vestiges of free will inside, you draw your weapon and thrust it through your own heart rather than serve such a lowly creature for the rest of your life. the world fades.