as you are famished already from the walk here, you enthusiastically tuck into the gnome's repast. curiously, though it looks like a simple meal of gruel, it tastes like sweetcakes and rum and savory mutton and tangy fruit all at once. you gobble down all of it in minutes, letting out a horrendous belch after the last bite. the gnome, still smirking, sits back and crosses his arms, looking at you as if he is waiting for something. as you open your mouth to thank him, another even louder belch escapes from the darkest, deepest bottom of your gut. you suddenly feel heavy and nauseated, and the gnome begins to cackle madly.

"I told you I was the friendliest gnome around here, but I didn't specify who my friends were. Get 'em, boys!" the gnome bellows, and a horde of his kinfolk come marching out of the shadows, surrounding you as you drop to your knees from the pain in your gut. as you lie down on the ground, unable to stay upright due to the cramping in your belly, the friendly gnome draws your own weapon from your side and runs you through. the world fades.